Career Profile

I'm a guy who's fascinated by data science and visualization since I had an epiphany two years ago while taking a data analysis class. It led me to a realization that my analytical mind and habit of scientific thinking, along with my excellent understanding of statistics gives me a great advantage in the field of data. I have devoted myself to develop a relevant skill-set in software development, applied statistics, data engineering and machine learning since then, and continue to do so.


BI Data Analyst

2017 - Present
Astreya @ Google

Working as a data analyst and involved in a variety of projects involving Data Analysis, ETLs, data engineering and software development


  • (Under development)
  • Data Engineer / Analyst

    2016 - 2017
    Nano Engineered Applications, Irvine

    A start-up that makes IoT applicable gas nano-sensors by leveraging the power of big data and data science.


  • Oversaw daily activities of interns, handled daily meetings and reporting
  • Played key role in designing a relational database on a local server using MySQL
  • Developed a complete data pipeline to automatically perform ETL
  • Automated the process of data ingestion, collection and storage with python
  • Designed a GUI to enable scientists to query the data effectively
  • Utilized Python (matplotlib, bokeh) and Tableau to create visualizations, reports and dashboards
  • Implemented signal processing algorithms to reduce noise in the data
  • Graduate Researcher

    2014 - 2016
    University at Buffalo

    The project involved electrochmical studies to optimize performance of lithium-ion batteries. It was a colleborative project one of its kind, which expanded the research group in a whole new dimension. I have published a paper in Polymer Journal which could be found here.


  • Led a Research Project on the study of chemical and physical properties of electrolytes
  • Performed electrochemical studies for Li-ion batteries
  • Maintained database to store experimental as well as literature data
  • Analyzed the data using hypothesis and A/B testing, created apt scientific charts
  • Authored a technical paper for publication; Presented posters at 2 conferences
  • Mentored undergraduates with statistics
  • Projects

    My Projects - neatly seggregated according to the tools used.

    Human Activity Recognition using Smartphone Data - Classifying human activity using the data from different sensors in a smartphone. Random Forest with Xgboost.
    Breast Cancer Prediction - Predicting nature of a tumour using machine learning - Cross-Validation, Dimensionality Reduction, Feature extraction / scaling, Random Forest, SVM, Neural Networks
    Twitter - NLP - Analysis of real-time twitter data collected from twitter API (#IPL2017, #TRUMP). Basics, Visualization, Sentiment Analysis.
    Titanic - Complete predictive analysis (Machine Learning) and competition submission including data cleaning, visualization and descriptive analysis.
    Stocks - Fetching real-time stock market data to build ARIMA model for time-series analysis. Descriptive statistics and a tableau dashboard.
    Bank Demographics - A sample project to show TABLEAU skills. An exploration and interactive report generation for the geographical and demographic data of a bank
    Homage to Dr. Hans Rosling - My attempt at imitating the visualizations from Hans Rosling's TED talk. He has always been an inspiration.
    Target Analysis - This is an exercise that uses data joining and blending to combine multiple datasets to gain insights on the targets of 3 departments in a store.
    LEAN Web Development - Built two web applications. Implemented MVC design pattern, web services, REST web APIs and used Passport for authentication. Dynamic and Responsive Web Pages using MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS.
    Blog Website - Designed a blog website using Python (Flask) to create 3 resource based REST APIs – user, blog and post. Built the website using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery.
    Price-Change Tracker - An application built to allow the periodic scanning of online webstores, to notify users of changes in prices of items they select

    Skills & Proficiency

    Excel & VB





    html 5 & CSS

    Apache Spark